Real “change” in presidential campaigns

THURSDAY—1-24-08 …One of the things I keep hearing during the current presidential campaigns —is the word “change.” I hear it mostly from the Obama campaign, and since I’m hearing it too from members of the public, some of the other candidates are starting to throw that word around, too. It’s almost as if the word “change” has never before been used in an election campaign.

Yet, there’s always change when a new administration takes over. But since the Obama campaign was the first to glom onto the word this time around, I started paying closer attention. The man is without doubt, a persuasive speaker, and he leaves his listeners wanting more. He talks of change, and when the speech is over, people feel refreshed, and they, too…..start talking of change.

Some recent comments from the rank and file went this way: One said “I see there is a possibility for real change.” Another one said….”for once, it’s not just a choice between the lesser of two evils…but a chance for change.” Another said “we’re in a state of emergency in America and it’s time for a change.” And still another agreed that the timing is right for CHANGE.

That seems to be the word that has galvanized Obama’s supporters….BUT I have yet to hear this question from anybody. Change…..from what… what? Now THAT was a question I remember being asked by the keynote speaker….at the democrat convention back in the decade of the eighties. So, you see, the word “change” is really not new….for political campaigns.

But the question for all candidates who’re espousing “change” should still be asked —and answered. Change…..from what…..TO what?” Now, If you have a comment, you can email to kpay dot com, or to me personally at b sessions, at sunset dot net. I’m Bruce Sessions, with Tidbits, from the B.S. Notebook


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  1. There is definitely nothing much of value going on in the campaign so far. Nothing to vote for except personality…big woop. Do you suppose image has become so important that politicians don’t need values or positions on the issues to get elected? It seems that bigotry is the biggest change so far in the democrat primary.That along with envy is a sure winner.

    To answer your question, as if from one embracing change:

    From the mean guys to the nice guys! or…

    From the “rich guys” to the poor guys.

    These “impressions” are very important …it’s possible our very lives are depending on it! LOL

  2. Bruce you are far too analytical and sensible! Change is a concept that Obama’s audience can understand; you start losing them when you talk about the details! Back in the 60’s hippies blamed everything on “the man”. Nobody ever asked, “What man and what did he do?” No, it was a simple, concise answer for all problems, just like saying we need “change”.

    Now if either Obama or Billery gets in, we’ll probably all be calling out for change, only it will be…”Say buddy, can you spare some change?”

  3. Bruce-
    A few questions for you

    1- Generally how old is the Earth?

    2- According to 98% of scientists is the Earth’s temperature going up?

    3- Do you believe Social Security is a good thing for America?

    4- Do you believe the increase of uninsured from 38 million to just under 50 million and the average family premium going from $6200 in 2001 to $12,000 today supports the Bush Health Care plan?

    5- Do you believe the increase of national debt from $5.7 Trillion in 2001 to $9.2 Trillion currently is a good example of protecting our national economic and military security?

    6- Do you believe the increase in Americans living in poverty from 31.6 million in 2001 to 36.5 million today supports President Bush’s economic plan for Americans?

    7- Do you believe the savings rate for Americans going from +2.5% to -0.5 percent is a good indicator that Americans are doing well economically?

    8- Do you believe that the Euro going from an exchange rate of $1.06 in 2001 to an exchange rate of $0.68 today shows that the present economic course is attractive for foreign or even domestic investment?

    9- Do you believe the increase in foreign oil consumption from 52.7% of our oil needs in 2001 to 60.2% today is an indicator of an energy plan that is working for America?

    JoeWo in San Mateo

  4. What on earth do those questions have to do with
    “Change, from what to what.” But even you, as an obvious Liberal can’t really believe that any candidate currently running (Republican OR Democrat, Socialist or Communist) will tackle AND solve this nation’s problems. They can promise ’til they’re blue in the face….then, if elected, fall flat on that blue face.

  5. EVERY ONE of those questions has to deal with change. The change from prosperity and relative peace to the (so far) seven hellish years from a President and Vice-President who are war criminals and the very least. If I had the time, I could site several instances that are true grounds for impeachment. But that has to do with the Constitution, something which Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney have little, if any regard for. They have both practically shredded it to pieces along with the Geneva Convention.

    And what does Bush and Cheney do for laughs and giggles?

    We ask the young men and women of our military to go over their and die for a worthless cause: getting into the middle of a meat grinding civil war, to which we are now the targets of both sides

    Both are draft dodgers, Bush is a moronic clown who can’t put a sentence together on his own if his life depended on it.

    We will be paying off this National Debt until we are all dead. As a matter of fact, our children, and quite possibly our grand children will be paying off this enormous debt.

    You obviously don’t care about the National Debt because from the looks of your photo at the top of the page, you don’t have that far to go.

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