The FDA and cloned food

WEDNESDAY—1-23-08…The Food and Drug Administration says…..eating meat and drinking milk from cloned cows is safe to eat and drink. Well….that’s comforting. The FDA says it found nothing in the food that could potentially be hazardous. The food in every respect is indistinguishable from food from any other animal.

The FDA’s food safety chief Dr. Stephen Sundlof said……it’s beyond our imagination to even find a theory that would cause the food to be unsafe. Hmmm. That’s nice to know. And we’ll soon be seeing milk from cloned cows in the supermarket dairy case, and it doesn’t even have to be labeled that it’s from cloned cow. Same with a T-bone steak or filet mignon.

That eventually is supposed to bring prices down….since so much of it will be available to the public, and to other consumers world wide. And I guess that’s a good idea, since we still have people starving in some areas of the world. It’ll help alleviate hunger.

I’m trying to imagine how I’m going to feel when I first sit down to dinner ready to cut into a nice tri-tip from a cloned cow. I’ll be thinking of the words from the FDA saying “It’s beyond our imagination to even find a theory that would cause the food to be unsafe.” Then, as I start to take my first bite, the headline in last week’s Sacramento BEE will jump out at me: It reads “Merck Pharmaceuticals upbeat as thousands sign up for Vioxx settlement.

Vioxx –that’s the painkilling drug approved as “safe” for consumers by the FDA. Then, also, the news last week that the popular cholesterol drug Vytorin, approved as safe by the FDA may not work to protect arteries and may in fact “worsen” clogging. That’s according to the American College of Cardiology. That was followed by news that the drug Zocor …approved by the FDA as “safe”….is in the same category. Then there was Celebrex…approved as safe by the FDA…which now comes with a warning on the label that it CAN cause you to have a heart attack or stroke.

Then, I’ll just put down my knife and fork and think “Maybe I’ll just wait a couple o’ years, and let others blaze the trail on eating this cloned stuff. If they survive, then, I’ll take a stab at it. Until then, I think I’ll just stick to the way nature made the cows……not the way cloners have done.  Now, if you have a comment, you can post one below to me personally.


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