How do you know when politicians are lying

TUESDAY.…1-22-08 …that goes……how do you know when politicians are lying? Answer? Whenever they open their mouth. The truth of that state came blaringly true last week when Governor Schwarzenneger publicly declared his support and endorsement of prop 93.…the term limits proposition.

He earlier had made it clear –publicly–that he would NOT support it unless it appeared on the ballot along with a redistricting proposal. There is no redistricting proposal on the ballot…and yet…the governor shocked everyone by breaking his word. In blunt terms…..the governor LIED!

But, so did Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata, and Assembly speaker Fabian Nunez. They PROMISED to have a redistricting measure on the ballot for this upcoming election. But instead, spent all their creative juices coming up with a scheme to extend their political careers by another four, and six years respectively….and THAT’S what made it to the ballot….prop 93., without a redistricting measure. Both lied. So, now, we have a trio of liars heading up our state government.

Pretty sad, in my estimation. How can any of the three be believed on anything they say in the future. Answer? They can’t be. That, too… sad for the state of California. Truth no longer matters. What possible goodie could Perata and Nunez hold in front of the governor to cause him to do such an about face…..and in so doing…..LOSE FACE with the people he was elected to represent?

I have my theory, and it involves Senate President Perata refusing to call the senate back into session to vote on the Governor’s health care bill. The assembly passed it but the senate did NOT….at least…not yet. It’s my contention that Governor Schwarzenneger sold his soul to Senate President Don Perata in exchange for senate action on that bill. Schwarzenneger want’s to leave a legacy, and he thinks the health care bill will do it.

Only time will tell if the legacy he leaves will be universal health care for all…..or a bankrupt state because of it. One thing IS for certain; you can tell when a politician is lying …..when he opens his mouth. That’s no longer a joke. I’m Bruce Sessions, with Tidbits from the B.S. Notebook.There’s an old joke


10 Responses

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging Bruce!

    I am really happy to see you took on Prop 93 as one of your first editorials! This is one of my pet peeves too.

    I will be announcing your blog on Post Scripts (ERonline) today.

    Best of luck to you!

  2. Thanks Jack. This is all new to me but I understand you CAN teach an old dog new tricks, and Anthony Watts is teaching me.

  3. Great to be able to read your editorials online Bruce, I don’t know when they are on the radio, I only catch them once in awhile.

  4. Bruce, Just discovered your blogging on the web thanks to Jack on Post Scripts…this is terrific news…look forward to reading your stuff once again, stiring the pot and given em what for!

  5. Can now catch you twice daily, listen once, read once. Not nearly enough but guess it’ll have to do. Great Bruce! Is video next? Can’t wait.

  6. Bruce you’ve been blogging for years, you just didn’t know it. Your “tidbits from the B.S. Notebook” feature is exactly like a blog format; short segments, to the point, and daily.

    The only difference now is that you take the script you’ve written and submit it for the blog, as well as read it on the air.

  7. Just followed the link from post scripts. Great to see you blogging Mr. Sessions!!

  8. You can listen to Tidbits twice a day. The segment airs on the KPAY Morning News AND during the KPAY Drive at Five. Bruce also joins the Drive at Five every Friday to discuss issues with Matt Ray and Bruce Lang.

  9. […] And the reason why he did not stick to his promise and be subjected to the question of “cheating” in this case? God knows. Any smart politician would have done otherwise and steer clear of any doubts. In this situation, we might never know why McCain did not follow through with the forum’s rules or simply broke his own words. After all, not all politicians would stick to their own words nowadays. […]

  10. Just discovered your blog Bruce. I am happy to be able to read your material online as I sometimes miss you on the radio. Great stuff – keep it up!

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