CBS News Global Warming Special Preempts 60 minutes

MONDAY……1-21-08…CBS’s program sixty minutes, was preempted last night so the network could present viewers with a special on global warming entitled “The Melting Icecaps.” The network’s timing couldn’t have been worse, based on the real news Sunday, and I’m not talking about the Primary and Caucus results either.

You see, three news stories broke Sunday that all the networks ignored….in favor of all that coverage of the primaries in Nevada and South Carolina. While the CBS TV global warming doom and gloom story was airing, so was this news item from Moscow: “Russians are bracing for temperatures as low as 67 degrees below zero as Russia’s emergencies ministry warns of its impending dangers in the coming weeks.”

The ministry warned that the unusually cold weather could kill, cause frost-bite, conk heaters and cut electricity for homes, disrupt transport, and even destroy buildings across Siberia. Lake Paliastomi in the western part Georgia has frozen for the first time in fifty years, reports Rustavi-2 television.

At the same time, this news item from here in this country: “Bitter, dangerous cold has settled across the Chicago area and it’s neighbors in the upper Midwest, making just walking a block a miserable experience. Wind chill advisories are in effect for all of northern Illinois, and most of Indiana, as well as the entire states of Wisconsin and Minnesota, and most of Michigan.”

And this, from the state of Maryland: “A heavy snowfall blanketed a global warming protest outside the state house in Annapolis, but it didn’t dampen the shouts of about 400 activists who urged lawmakers to pass the nation’s toughest greenhouse gas control law. Demonstrators waved signs, chanted and banged on drums amid the snowfall.”

None of these stories made the mainstream press, which was too busy filling their pages with caucus and primary stories. But, CBS TV ran it’s documentary last night about the melting ice caps….airing film taken during the summer, when ice caps normally melt. Summers’ over. Will they send a film crew to the arctic to shoot more film, now that it’s winter up there? Don ‘t bet on it. I just thought you oughtta’ know. I’m Bruce Sessions, with Tidbits, from the B.S. Notebook.


2 Responses

  1. Good point Bruce. Glad you tell us what is going on. Seems like a lot of info. is being SPUN.

  2. I have to say I am glad 60 minutes is preempted. Even if it is for a show full of lies, it replaces a show full of lies.

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